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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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Despite that obvious racism thing, which is really on the side of BBC than the producers, I really think Talons of Weing Chiang is one of at least top 10 DW of all tiome. Its just simply THAT good.
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Yeah, like I said its only real flaw was the racist stuff. Without it, I'd say it was a classic. With the racist stuff, its still a classic from a story perspective, but one that can really turn some people off (for good reason). I like the serial a lot, but the weird racist stuff is distracting and does tarnish the story. I'd still reccomend it, I'd just give a warning to anyone wanting to view it.

Well I have to agree with you guys there.. However, in the context of the racism being from that time and turn of the century, would it be safe to say that it could be a commentary on the ideals and types of attitudes prevalent in that setting?? Could it be that Going for realism back then (1970s), was acceptable, whereas nowadays it would be frowned upon or with the sensitivity that is rampant these days, would it have been more prudent to have depicted that racism from the past as they did with the 10TH Doctor and what Martha jones suffered from in the Family of Blood episodes? They did their best to show racism in that episode, without being very blatant about it..which I suppose is what has to happen these days, seeing as how almost everyone is looking to play the victim, or there are just those types of people out there who are ALWAYS looking for a racist comment, and or phrase, or even "code words." I submit, if that is what one is constantly looking for, then they will always find it.

present company excluded of course.

by the by, the Invisible enemy was not a favorite of mine..It fell short on so many levels.. It started off good enough, but the hospital, and the cavalier attitude of the Main doctor from the Hospital there was kind of very off putting, though I really liked that actor. The sets were so so, and the notion of shrinking down to go through the Doctor's mind, with no oxygen?? I just couldn't buy it..they can't be wet, but what about air? Don't get me started on the laser effects. I mean the phasers from 1960's trek drawn on the film was more believable then what they did there..Plus no one could shoot straight, unless 2 feet from the target. 5 feet and you hit something behind you, instead of what you were aiming at..
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