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Re: 51% of Americans don't accept the Big Bang theory

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Well, this poll results are useless without a question. A year or two ago, I read a poll saying that a majority of Americans reject evolution. I read the question in the poll, and indeed, I rejected evolution because I couldn't agree that men evolved from monkeys (which is what the poll was asking).
This is the biggest problem with the article. We're only getting generalizations in it. We don't know know what question or series of questions was asked to produce these results for any of the categories.

I was a preacher's kid, so religion was an important foundation into who I am. But we also had science books and Encyclopaedia Britannica in the bookshelf at home. I read Time and Newsweek in high school. I enjoyed some science classes, though I was never any good in it. I was highly interested in the space program during the 60s. I never finished college.

There's no reason why religion and science have to be mutually exclusive to a person's way of thinking, and I don't understand the ignorance of some of these people.
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