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After reading Christopher's comments on Pocket's policies concerning continuity, I was wondering if KRAD could comment on the policies for the line of Marvel books he was in charge of. Were they meant to happen in the comic continuity, the concurrent cartoon continuity, some other continuity or one of their own? Also, are they written as stand alone stories that don't have to stay consistent with each other like some Trek novels or do they try to stay consistent with each other?
The Marvel novels I edited were in a modified comics continuity -- basically, we hewed as close as we could to the comics while still mostly dealing with the archetypal versions of the characters. For this reason, even though the comics at the time were doing things like the Spider-clone storyline and Reed Richards being dead and Ant-Man being in the Fantastic Four, not to mention the whole Age of Apocalypse and Heroes Reborn/Return thing, our Spider-Man novels just had Peter Parker as Spidey in them while married to Mary Jane, our FF novels all had the original foursome in them, etc.
Same deal with the later Marvel novels from Pocket Books. You couldn't tie them in too closely with the most recent comic book storylines because the novels would be out of date by the time the finished book hit the shelves. You basically just tried to present a "timeless" version of the characters that was more or less up to date.

For example: At the point where I was writing my FF novel for Pocket Books, Sue and Johnny had switched powers in the comics. I assumed (correctly) that this was just a temporary plot twist and that everything would be back to normal by the time my book came out, so I gave Sue and Johnny their traditional powers. Which turned out to be the right call!

I also acknowledged that Reed and Sue had two kids by that point, but I quickly shuffled the kids offstage to avoid confusing any readers who might have only seen the movies . . . .
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