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Re: Spider-man books

Christopher wrote: View Post
Okay, then. I was going by the few that I've read, basically just Diane Duane's Spidey trilogy and her X-Men novel (Empire's End), plus PAD's Hulk: What Savage Beast. I hadn't realized there was a unified "novelverse."
Yup. There was no way we were going to keep up with the comics (and that wasn't always desirable, especially with stuff like the Spider-clone and Heroes Reborn), but I thought it was important for the novels to all be consistent with one another. I think it added to the texture.

And we didn't overdo it, either. The only things that were really significantly serialized were the various trilogies, and those only internally. But if you read, for example, What Savage Beast, the first Doom's Day book, Abominations, and my short story "Playing it SAFE," there's a through-line there for the Hulk if you read all of them.

tomswift2002 wrote: View Post
That timeline wasn't in all the novels. The books I have have the timeline in the books starting around the 1997 printings. But it was from that timeline that I found "Mutant Empire" occurred before "The Venom Factor".
Yeah, that sounds about right.
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