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Re: "Two Takes" Frakes

Jonathan Frakes was fantastic on all the Star Trek series in which appeared as Will (and sometimes also Thomas) Riker, of course! But I also loved his appearances on the Roswell series! He was so funny and so approachable, one has to admire him.

He also appeared on that Syfy series about the unusual, but I've forgotten its name.

As he mentioned in that appearance/interview, he has directed and produced several series, so he is a man of many talents.

Finally, although the books are not regarded as canon, my appreciation for Captain (now Admiral) Riker--and also for his "twin," Thomas Riker--has grown considerably, through those stories, and I think he is an even better captain than Captain Picard, his longtime mentor. When Picard and Riker make different decisions, I find myself agreeing with Riker every time.

I think it is time we start giving Riker and Frakes the respect they have so convincingly deserved all these years.
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