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Re: "Two Takes" Frakes

I always thought it was really disappointing that this stupid "Thunderbirds" movie killed his feature directing career. I really would have liked to see how he would have done with something more serious and similar to "First Contact" in tone in the feature world. Unfortunately Hollywood doesn't forgive big time flops like that unless you have a really big name.

He seems to have come to terms with being "relegated" to TV and is certainly very busy with that career but still, given his work on "First Contact" and what he still managed to get out of the weaker "Insurrection" script, it seems like wasting his talents.

It's still good to see that a few of the actors that went through the "Star Trek"-Director's school are still very successful in the TV business. Besides Frakes, Robert Duncan McNeil and Roxann Dawson have become very busy TV director's and often times directing producers like McNeil on all of "Chuck" and Dawson on the first season of "Scandal".
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