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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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At least they can't cloak ambush you, but a vaper build will be non defensible against anyway.
I guess you didn't read carefully...

By reverse-engineering the Undine biotechnology used in their ships and weaponry, the forces battling this threat have gained a much greater understanding of their ability to shift between Fluidic Space, and known space. This knowledge has resulted in being able to use another piece of salvaged Undine biotechnology the Fluidic Phase Decoupler on any existing ship.

This unique Console allows the ship to briefly decouple itself from our phase of reality, becoming perfectly invisible for a brief duration at the cost of their ship becoming slightly more difficult to control due to increased turn rate, and a major decrease of inertia rating. Upon re-emerging into our phase of existence, the ship releases a large bioplasmic shockwave that will damage enemies close enough to be caught in the blast. The shockwave also leaves a lingering debuff that will slow enemies hit by it.
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