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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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One more thing, your character's traits might be reset to blanks tomorrow. So you might want to note down the exact traits your characters currently have.
One of my current traits is telekinesis. That trait wasn't on Tribble last time I looked. I hope they didn't get rid of it with Season 9. I like that push to get NPCs out of melee range.
It is listed as a known issue in the patch notes.

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Yeah, I noticed... So I got a eng kit. I'm just not very sure why we needed to get one before the new season...
It's the last chance to get one.

After the patch you only get a frame with one module and have to buy additional modules.
If you don't want to keep it, you can turn the old one in for a full new kit frame.

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Did anyone see the stats of the two new Undine player ships? 1 x Cmdr, 2 x Lt. Cmdr, 1 x Lt. and no pesky Ensign Boff stations! I had hoped those were typos, but devs have confirmed they're real and accurate. Do you know how much overpowered crazy madness players can do with such ship?
Madness. Not only did they make the most non sensical ship ever playable, the effectively put it up there with if not above Jem'Hadar Attack ship and Scimitar.

It has the best Boff layout of any ship in the game. The bug is a bit faster and the Scimitar can cloak and launch fighters, otherwise it trumps everything.

The cruiser layout is what I wish the Galaxy had.

At least they can't cloak ambush you, but a vaper build will be non defensible against anyway.
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