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Re: Andy Probert releases prelim plans for USS Ambassador ki

On the other hand, with aft-sweeping pylons, one might argue that the ship appears to be dragging its engines.

I'm very interested in seeing how Probert's design becomes realized in three dimensions. I'm particularly interested in (1) how the upper engineering hull and engineering hull shuttlebay look between the warp nacelle pylons, (2) how the lower engineering hull "sweeps into" the warp nacelle pylons, and (3) the plan view of the engineering hull.

I like the saucer, neck, nacelles and forward portion of the engineering hull. It will be interesting to see the "whole" ship, and how much if any refinement to the overall design will be needed to make the whole ship work in 3D.

It would be interesting to see this incarnation of the Enterprise-C in action during the VFX sequences of "Yesterday's Enterprise." It's too bad the bridge can't get a similar makeover unconstrained by being a "ship of the week."
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