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Re: The Nature of the TARDIS

Here is a link to Cornell university's physics students work on the TARDIS as an actual physics model, which I found extremely useful in my understanding of the TARDIS dimensions. It is quite fascinating.

Also for those who prefer the simpler terminology, they put together a rather fun and easy to understand version using visual references from Doctor who. It is quite an enjoyable read, and will make what I have been saying make so much more sense.

Also, just for a heads up to you hard core fans following what I am working on, outside the Time Lord compendium and the initial TARDIS work, I have been working on a new Gray prints schematic (technically it is a blueprint model, but It should be quite amazing and more in line with the physics shown on those papers). It will explain so much and looks so much better then my initial Nature of the TARDIS balled up spheres and looped corridors. I do not believe the entire ship is nothing but spheres.. it doesn't convey a ship that is in a closed looped system and match the nature of the ship's internal structure from the show too much in my estimation.

but as an added bonus to all of you on this message board.. because you guys have been so supportive and quite open minded, I will be posting my work on here first before that Gray Prints/blueprint goes up on Deviant art. You get to see it first!!

I am so excited about this piece of work, Let me tell you guys, it will look so gooooood!! I am even considering having it done in a poster sized series of framed pictures to place up in my room at home! That is how amazing this is! It is of course based solely on the TYPE 40, and it's default configuration, and will be of the Hartnell design, and the wooden room secondary console room format. I had extra help from physicists with degrees, and very technical minded fans, even one who calls himself the "Time Lord Other" on deviant art, as My name is Time-Lord-Rassilon! That is amazing! Just need a person calling themselves Omega aka Peylix Altharisvunderlox, or Time-Lord-Altharis, Or Time-Lord-Peylix and we'd be all set to create our own little Time Lord Triad! although, considering Omega was lost before they actually created and succeeded in their time experiments, he couldn't really call himself a time lord..i guess..

next up will be to implode a sitting star out in Qqaba! LOL!

Cheers fellow Whovians! I look forward to showcasing the TARDIS Gray Prints to you all in the near future! I hope it wow's you socks off as it is doing mine! Ouch! watch out for hot pavement!
" We will ascend, to become creatures of consciousness alone. Free of these bodies, free of time, and cause and effect, while creation itself ceases to be.." -Lord President Rassilon
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