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Re: "Two Takes" Frakes

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I have no doubt in my mind that Frakes would have saved Nemesis. Because the script has certainly got the chemistry, it just needed a guy in charge who could harvest the best out of it.
The script was a piece of sh*t, as was the script for "Insurrection". There was no saving either one.
Insurrection has got a sh*t script, but at least Frakes himself was able to wrestle some chemistry out of the actors.

All those scenes between the regulars have got at least as much pizazz as anything we saw them do in the series, even though the story as written is so full of crap it's almost bursting the banks with it's own mediocrity.

End result: good job Frakes, bad job Rick Berman & Michael Piller.

By contrast, everybody in Nemeshit just looks so tired. Including the allegedly ageless android.

My point is that Nemesis goes wrong in it's delivery somewhere. The director squandered the chemistry which was apparent on the written page (and yes, Nemesis's script does do a good job of capturing that chemistry).

It's clear that the actors all spent a day listening to Stuart Baird blather on, and they just gave up.

I am confident that wouldn't have happened if Frakesy was still in the director's chair.
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