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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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As you say, opinions differ. However, please grant that while I've seen this story at least a half-dozen times over the years and read the novelization, you never even saw it all the way through once. And it's often not until the fourth episode that some crucial story information gets revealed.

As for the science lessons - I said Leela gets them. Not the audience. The scenes where the scientific principles get explained to her are part of her character's development from the "savage" we first meet in Face of Evil to a less-savage individual who leaves the Doctor in The Invasion of Time.

You may not have noticed a well-developed society, but again, it's subjective. Most guest characters in Doctor Who stories don't inspire any fanfic or musings of what happens in their lives before/after encountering the Doctor. This story is different in that respect, at least to me.
Unless the critical information in Episode 4 is how to keep yourself from falling to sleep while watching the story, it doesn't matter to me. You're obviously more familiar with the story, but that has nothing to do with my lack of enjoyment, and my negative opinion of it.

Also, if someone is writing fanfic about these characters, they must be very bored

The science lesson thing sounds like its even more pointless. I couldn't care less if Leela learns anything, and using her as someone to "teach" just makes her an excuse to waste time, and not a real character. That is something I was worried would happen, that Leela's whole "point" would be to just be someone the Doctor could "teach". The Doctor always kind of does it, but Leela is the first one I've seen where I'm starting to feel like that's her whole reason to exist. I hope I'm wrong, because she seems like a decent companion so far.

Anyway, The Robots of Death is behind me. I'm already one episode into The Talons of Weng-Chiang, and while it's first episode was not super impressive its keeping my attention so far, and it has five more episodes to be really good (or, to be fair, really bad).
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