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Re: MAN OF STEEL: Another look

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What I'm particularly impressed by is how dream-like and even hallucinatory the film is. It ingeniously compresses familiar bits of Superman/Clark lore into dreamlike memories, and in doing so adds to the psychological and mythic dimensions of the film. I am also utterly fascinated by the set design and FX for all things Krypton-related, including the Phantom Zone tech such as the World-Engine. This film has one of the most ingenious visual textures of any sci-fi film since Blade Runner.
Yeah I really liked that about the film as well. I haven't always liked Snyder's directing in the past, but the way he was able to meld this moody, dreamlike quality with a gritty, naturalistic camera style I thought was really well done. And just did a great job making everything feel both mythic and real at the same time.
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