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Re: "Ahead, Space Normal Speed"

...Also, from the treknological point of view, we must consider that Kirk had a warp-capable starship beneath his butt all along, yet chose to send mere shuttlecraft to survey the nearby star systems. He no doubt had a damn good reason for this - and we can guess the reason was that the big starship was at considerable risk when maneuvering inside or close to the Murasaki effect.

When Kirk gives the order to go to warp one, he's as close to Murasaki as he dares to, a few minutes of feet-dragging notwithstanding. Hitting warp six right there might rip the ship to confetti, or burn out her engines, or at the very least attract the attention of another magnetic sleigh ride of the sort that originally displaced the Galileo.

Timo Saloniemi
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