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Re: "Ahead, Space Normal Speed"

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This is a bit off the original post but relevant to discussing Kirk's attitude and body language of the Commissioner.

I don't really think Ferris was wrong about what he wanted but he did seem a little too much like he was enjoying Kirk's problem, saying he sympathizes with out and sympathy.

What I always thought was strange was the news they rescued five people and Kirk is just sooo happy, he didn't ask who. Uhura reamed out Spock when he didn't ask about one death, no one questions Kirk. I know it didn't happen, but could you even imagine the two that didn't return were Spock and Bones? Five survivors fits that, too.

While I like the episode, I think Space Normal Speed is just an artifact of this episode not being as good as it should have been.
Five survivors whoever they are is better than none.

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I'm more curious as to why Kirk only orders warp one after getting the shuttle crew back, since he dilly dallied his ass up to that point.
He just wants to really piss off Commissioner Ferris.
He was obeying the letter of the order, and besides I suspect Kirk knew that his ship could easily make up some of the lost time. Sure the Enterrprise's top speed might be rated at Warp 7, but from experiance Kirk knew he could get Warp 7.5 or so.

Plus of course he could have been making a point to Ferris that he (Kirk) is the master of this ship.
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