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MAN OF STEEL: Another look

I wasn't particularly impressed by this film when I saw it in the theater. I've given it another look on Blu Ray, and I must say I find it considerably better than I first thought it was. The casting of Henry Cavil, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, and Amy Adams is great. The Phantom Zone aliens are well-cast, too, although I still find Michael Shannon somewhat off as Zod (he is a good enough actor to sell the role, though).

What I'm particularly impressed by is how dream-like and even hallucinatory the film is. It ingeniously compresses familiar bits of Superman/Clark lore into dreamlike memories, and in doing so adds to the psychological and mythic dimensions of the film. I am also utterly fascinated by the set design and FX for all things Krypton-related, including the Phantom Zone tech such as the World-Engine. This film has one of the most ingenious visual textures of any sci-fi film since Blade Runner.

It's still an awfully odd movie that I also find to be reactionary in some ways (all the stuff about how Kansan/American Superman is). But it's a good movie overall with some astonishing moments (I am particularly struck with Clark saving Lois in the disintegrating capsule in outer space right now, and with his being forced to kill Zod at the end).
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