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Re: MLP:FIM S4E22 - "Trade Ya" - Grading & Discussion

I noticed the pony in the wheel harness as well, which means Equestria does have disabled ponies. I love that message of inclusion.

What a wonderful episode! Just another slice of life where we see the fun interactions between various ponies. This episode has a great message, and I can't wait to see the follow up on EqD, which will definitely have a "best face" contest for this episode, which had so many great ones.

Favorite moments:

* Using the "Bear Call"
* Dash and Flutters slinging burgers
* Applejack and Rarity arguing over who wants the most useless "antique."
* Also, their subsequent argument over who is the better friend.
* Fluttershy d'awwing over a ferocious two headed dog.
* The Discord Lamp
* Carnival Barker Pinkie ramping up the hype on Twi's books.

All in all, a wonderful episode with many excellent character moments. This one gets an "A" from me.

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