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Re: Fan Production Submissions

I'd like to submit the UK based independent short film, "Star Trek: Ambush".

"Ambush" will introduce you to a new ship and crew that exist in the Star Trek Universe, The USS Ambush. Set just after the events portrayed in "Balance of Terror", the original series episode. By focusing on a single away mission to rescue a captured Commander, "Ambush" will shed some light on how the Federation ultimately dealt with the Romulans, after the initial incident involving Kirk and The Enterprise. As you'll discover in the film, the crew of the "Ambush" are a very unique and specialised group of people, who would always be the first choice to deal with a delicate matter such as the Romulans. Although the crew's existence is well known to the Federation, they're not keen on advertising their existence.

Please check out our Kickstarter that has been going well and keep checking the Facebook page for more info and updates.

Thank You.
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