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Re: time travel real?

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But if every possible state at every moment in time spawns a universe, such universes can exist, can't they?
This whole question of personal identity has come up in every transporter thread, or cloned immortality discussion. Who we are is partly due to our past experiences. So your analogs would not be "you" exactly, unless you're assuming recently spawned alternate universes that differ in only the slightest of ways. In those universes, would Jessica and Emma not be popular actors and also married to you?

Granting your blue elephants and Hollywood wives, time traveling into this alternate world does not mean that your analog will conveniently disappear into some other universe just because you've arrived. So how does any of this ideal fantasy world benefit you? Or do you plan to bump off your analogs?

And now that we've strayed so far into fantasy land, how does any of this explain grandfather paradoxes, or the alleged "time loop" in BTTF? ("Time loops" are another one of those popular misconceptions based on the idea that time "happens again." For the past and future to exist to be traveled to, they must exist in a shape visible only from some higher dimensional standpoint. And that invalidates paradoxes and changing history. The only way around it is the multiverse, but then time doesn't actually change, people don't fade out, and analogs of all of us exist who probably aren't interested in stepping aside to let you claim their turf.)
Does each decision point create its own universe? I think so, meaning that each decision creates a stream of causality and could coexist, in different phases, perhaps.
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