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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

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Kate is SO FREAKING HOT in that video I was just
You and I have SUCH a different definition of "Hot".

And I ADORE Mulgrew!

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Why is the nun strapped down!

Also I'm thinking Red is in for murder. She has been in there a long time and she isn't going anywhere.

Piper looks less pretty, more tired which is GOOD.


Red in Season 2

WHY is the nun tied down?

Isn't it OBVIOUS????

Sophia's estrogen supply was curtailed again and so she swiped the old broad's meds, sending the 74 year old into acute menopause.


You don't think Red killed her HUSBAND, do you? I'd hate for that to happen, he was such a little Neelix type.

I wouldn't mind if she capped that Russian mob boss, but if she did him OR his wife, I doubt the Russian mob would be helping her to smuggle contraband into the prison.

I love this shot...

Makes me think of two old gunfighters, facing off at high noon!

I love this LOOK!

Its her, "like I give a crap that you're still on this planet" look.

In the hour and a half between my last post and the start of this post, that trailer picked up another 140,000 + views.


ETA: And in the last 25 minutes, it did another 53,000.

June 6th, here we come!!!!!
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