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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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I was rather surprised by those numbers too. This was Microsoft's biggest month in their strongest market and they couldn't even outsell the PS4. Things don't look too good for Microsoft this generation.
I'm always pointing out that since the release of the XOne i could have easily gotten one in the store.. just a few days ago i went into a nationwide electronics store and they had more than a dozen on display whereas since the release of the PS4 they're sold out and they can't tell when they're going to get the next shipment.

Online retailers it's the same.. you have to get lucky to score one for the normal market price at Amazon or somewhere else because hours later they are gone.

I doubt Sony has far less production capacity than MS so for me that's the most visible indicator about the success of Sony vs. MS for this generation. It might level out sometime this year but i'll be very curious to see if Sony can hold this lead for this generation since both consoles are very early on in their cycle and there's much to come yet.

In another news Sony has revealed new official numbers.. 7 million units sold worldwide (that's sold to customers and not sold to retailers) whereas MS's new numbers are 5 million shipped (that's shipped to retailers and not sold to customers).

Pretty clear numbers i think (and i doubt things would change much by the point MS starts selling in all the rest of the countries that Sony already supplies).
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