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Re: Fred Pohl's "Gateway" in development

yeah space opera!
set on a space station although some carved out of hollow asteroid. think of the cave like sets on Star Trek. I still look forward to it from the Deadline article's description and wiki's plot summary.
3 trips to Gateway:
The first is unsuccessful. On the second, he makes a discovery through unauthorized experimentation, but the bonus he is awarded is offset by the large penalty for incapacitating the ship. On his third trip, the Gateway Corporation tries something different: sending two five-person ships, one slightly behind the other, to the same destination.
This gives a lot of characters and 2 different ships that could be half of season 1 but I think the pilot will set it up and episode 2 would be in space and by episode 3 be on Gateway already... too bad they can't have the 3rd trip with the 2 ships be half way through the season...oh well. can't have this show be set mostly on the spaceship...budgetary...
still they are in script stage of development right now so look for 2016 or so?
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