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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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For the month of March, with the release of Titanfall and an unofficial price cut that brought the Xbox One down to $450 in many stores, the PS4 still outsold it in North America. That's pretty suprising, most people were expecting Xbox to win last month as Titanfall is the console's big exclusive and it was massively hyped. If they can't win March, they're seriously struggling.

They'll need a strong showing at E3.
I haven't been following things closely, but I gather that players just aren't sticking with 'Titan Fall' the way the do with the likes of CoD, BF & Halo. It appears a lot of players are saying they're already bored of it after just a week.

It's often a mistake to use media hype as a measure for how successful a game really is. Word of mouth wins out every time.
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