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Re: Review - Star Trek # 30 Parallel Lives 2of2

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Oh, it's definitely not the case. There's enormous variation in pronunciation even within human languages. Chinese or Japanese phonetics, for example, can be extremely difficult for an English speaker to get a handle on, or vice-versa. A lot of the vowel and consonant sounds in one language don't even have direct counterparts in another, and languages can differ in their use or non-use of stress and inflection.
In that case it makes even more sense to assume that the translator renders names in approximation, I guess.
They'd have to. The English alphabet only has 26 letters which modern scholars know to be inefficient. Plus, not every English sound is found in other languages, and vice versa. And what about all the non-mammals in the Federation? Some of them can't even utter human sounds. An example of name conversion problems: just go to Bing Translate and put in "Azetbur". I'm not sure if it's what Star Trek authors versed in Klingon matters use, but it's way different from the English/Federation Standard rendition of her name.
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