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Re: time travel real?

The neat thing is that even if time travel is impossible in the way we generally understand it, some of the current models of the multiverse say that out beyond our universe is a near-infinite number of other universes, and a near-infinite subset of those would be identical to ours or only slightly different. Some might be exactly the same except for their rate of development is 10 years behind. So if we could develop instantaneous or very very very fast travel through *space*, we could for all intents and purposes visit an Earth just like ours was 10 years ago. Or, even if the trip took a thousand years, if we could put ourselves in cryo or something, we could still do it - we'd just need to find a universe that is (duration of journey + 10) years behind ours developmentally and the same in all other aspects that matter to us, and we'd be set.
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