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Re: Star Trek Futures

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ok this is just my thoughts based on looking at this thread, so please don't take this the wrong way, but why is this a star trek fan film?

it seems like an original story with its own new aliens, with bits of trek stuff to make it a bit trek, but not massively.

you clearly have some great concepts, imagery and have a story to tell, but you could come up with some cool federation-like thing for your heroes to be part of with its own style of ships, etc and it would be all yours, without the restrictions being a trek fanfilm brings.

again, just my opinions, so feel free to ignore hahaha
Haha no worries. I get what you are saying and it's true that most of this is brand new. To that point a lot of the story comes from an original concept before it was brought into Star Trek. At this point the posts can be viewed towards not being an ST fan film, but I'll attribute that to the task of world building in public (BBS, Facebook, etc). Don't let all this new stuff get in the way though. The central pillar of this story IS the Crusher family and the Ent-C.

In my opinion a "fan film" shouldn't be ONLY things/characters that we've seen before. The galaxy is just too big. . I'm just not the type of person who is going to invest this kind of effort and time in something that anyone else can do. I'm strongly motivated to create something new and different that rings true to your comment. Instead of rejecting your comment, I embrace it and cherish it.

Instead of blabbering on further i'll save some of these comments for the interview on this saturday at 9am PST, 12pm EST. Hope you tune in for more about the project.
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