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Re: Warehouse 13 renewed for fifth/final seasonfinal

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The purple bird was great. Made no sense whatsoever, but it was great.
Are things supposed to make "sense" in this show?
Well, it's not Lost Girl.

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Anyone else think that the purple goo they've been using all series long is purple bird shit?
I was thinking more like purple bird soup, but, yeah, there must be some relationship.

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Her illness was used for Pete's motivation to help Paracelsus (and thereby be tricked by him). Didn't he cure her with the combined artifacts? Or maybe I'm remembering it wrong.
No, I don't think he got to cure her. I know the idea was to reveal Pete's feelings and make him help Paracelsus, but they made it seem so serious when she had to go right into the hospital right away, and then this year she was fine. And then Paracelsus had this weird line, "Gee, I really thought she was very sick." It made it seem to me that they were doing a little retconning to get it out of the way.
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