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TV & Media Avatar Contest: Fictional US Presidents

Hail to the Chief! Our theme for this contest will be fictional Presidents of the United States, in television, movies and other media.

The president in question has to be fictional, so Bruce Greenwood as John F. Kennedy or Josh Brolin as George W. Bush would not be eligible. This rule will stand even if the portrayal itself is entirely fictional. (I'm looking at you, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter... ) However, real people shown as being a president are OK, as long as they were never president in real life.

For this contest, SF&F entries are allowed. Oh, and if you could identify your president and what they are from, that'd be great, too!

Standard avatar rules apply: maximum image size should be 150 x 150, and file size should be no bigger than 140 KB if animated.

I plan to have the voting thread up sometime around next Monday or Tuesday.

To start us off:

- President David Palmer, 24

(Other presidents from this show are still OK to enter!)

Have fun!

And, yes, I know I'm not even American. But the category of "fictional Canadian prime ministers" was so obscure that I couldn't think of any!
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