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Re: Writing questions

Well, I said horseback there, but next time I work on the story she's going to be on foot. The first scene of the main story has a, hopefully, funny scene where the main character (who's never even been near a horse) and the love interest have to escape the bad guys on horseback. I'm thinking having two chase scenes like that back to back would be too repetitive. The prologue is a fairly new addition, while the other one was one of the first scenes I came up with for the whole story, so if something is being changed, it's the prologue.

EDIT: Didn't see Greg's comment. The whole opening prologue is just the chase, and pretty much just ends with her getting away. Everything that happened in the 20 years between that and the main story is established slowly over flashbacks throughout the book. I'm a big fan of the non-linear flashback used in shows like Lost and Revolution, so I'm trying to kind of do the same thing here.

Sorry Brent, I hope you don't mind sharing the thread.
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