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Re: TOS Caption Contest #285: The Galileo Caption

Ferris: Should we really be holding three cups of hot coffee over all these controls?
Kirk: You're probably right...let's go over by the science station.

Spock: Ah, fresh air, sunshine - this is how man was meant to live. Exploring the scientific wonders of the galaxy.
Bones: Bigfoot.
Spock: Screw wonder. Enterprise, three to beam up.

Spock: Nope, never mind, it's not a cop. It's just some sedgy grass.
Scott: Borgas frat, I already flushed it.

Kellowitz: It's bad, sir. The champagne room is in the storage closet.
Kirk: To boldly go, Lieutenant.
Kellowitz: Yes sir.

Kirk: How's that Valium spritzer idea coming along?
Bones: Jim, it's unethical and against regs. Besides you can get better results filtering Rohypnol through the environmental controls.
Kirk: Ok, but let's wait for Scotty's shift to end first. Nobody wants to see that.
Bones: Jim, when you're right you're right.

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