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Re: The Return of the Time Lord Compendium!

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Very impressive!

Though I spotted another couple lol [once a proofreader always a proofreader]...

It should be Hover Tank Complement, unless you're telling it you like it 25 times.
...and Disintegrator Cannons, [in both the list and the diagram label] unless you're vaporizing unofficial stories.

...again, this is awesome. Gives me an old Franz Joseph vibe too.
Thanks! I am actually glad for the assistance there. I needed to go back and do a minor change anyhow. I appreciate the spell check. When I work on these it is usually after work, watching Red Dwarf on Netflix and near close to 2AM. I can honestly say, I am usually super tired, and since my art program has no spell check, it is nice to have a clear set of eyes to help me fix those little misses..thanks

Here is the update:

if you like this schematic, Wait till you see pages 57-62!
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