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Re: Interesting interview on the state of science

That's why the government shouldn't be allowed to do business with or employ married people - I guess.

But back to reality, Elon's divorce didn't hurt the company a bit (corporations have legal personhood, and thus their own separate love lives), and it hardly even made a blip in the news.

But inside big government entities like NASA, they instead had an astronaut put on diapers and drive from Florida to Houston to murder a romantic rival, an episode so bizarre that politicians canceled the entire Shuttle program, canceled its replacement because the Ares-I looked too phallic as a follow-on to a diaper-clad astronaut sex scandal, and then they decided to delay launching astronauts into space on a US government rocket until perhaps the year 2021, just to give an entire generation time to forget about the incident.

Private sector divorces are much less damaging.

Also, one of the best ways to mess up a giant aerospace company is to get it dependent on Pentagon contracts. Pick a letter, any letter. C is for Consolidated, Convair, and Chance-Vought.

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