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Re: TOS Caption Contest #285: The Galileo Caption

Ferris: "Wow! Sugartits here sure can't pour a decent cup of coffee. Must be good in bed, huh, Jimmy boy?"
Kirk: "Uhura, you've got the Universal Translator stuck in Mel Gibson mode."
Uhura os: "The UT isn't activated, sir."
Yeoman slaps Ferris

McCoy: "Cat turd?"
Boma: "Cat turd."
Spock: "Felis catus excreta."

Scott: "Why are there tribbles humping in my engine compartment...? That damn Korax!"

Kellowitz: "I'm sorry sir, the Road Runner keeps getting away!"

McCoy: "I've completed the female crew complement physicals. Five pregnancies this month. Two of them are Spock's, three of them are Chekov's. You're in the clear. But Starfleet's gonna think we have a problem."
Kirk: "None of them were mine? Wait... Chekov?"
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