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Re: The Return of the Time Lord Compendium!

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I would love to see a book on all the spaceships of Dr. Who.

Her is something interesting--I suggested before that Sputnik 3 was the first Dalek inspiration.

As it turns out, Sputnik III actually had another name..."Object D"

V'jer went to a machine planet--and Sputnik 3 went to Skaro...
that's a pretty cool idea actually.. I am breaking protocol here..I was feeling pretty discouraged and depressed about my project..not going into details as to why..but well...

Here guys..

Front Index pages

IX pages end at 25, then page 1, 2, 3 and so on go from there..IX pages are special indexes.

Page IX-12

Page 1-spell check amended-

Page 4

Page 56

Page 57 will include the gantry access ramp, and top view, particulars continued..

Also, a Mark II time war edition Battle Tardis (refit) will be included in the Time War Supplement book to this main book. Molecular Disintegrators speed up the radioactive decay on a molecular level causing objects to age extremely fast, until brittle or they disintegrate to dust.

I do have plans to do a supplement book to the compendium. It will include enemies of the Time Lords. Which should have ships, and technology specs on Daleks, Cybermen, Dominators, Quarks, etc..

Here is a list of the books in succession:

The Time Lord Compendium- The Initiates Guide to all things Gallifreyan (main Book)
Time Lord Compendium-Technical Specifications Supplement (floor plans, and such not covered in the main book on specific ships, and places of the Time Lords)
Time Lord Compendium-Dangerous Species Supplement (enemies and their tech)
Time Lord Compendium-The Great Time War Supplement (War TARDISes, armor, etc.)

This will conclude my project for the compendium.
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