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Re: Things you thought were stupid on ds9.

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I liked Ezri , but the idea of the new Dax just happening to be a female, Trill Starfleet officer with dark hair--and wearing a blue uniform from the science division --that was too gimmicky.

Going from trainee to Lieutenant and later putting her on the Defiant in a con like position where she gave out reports just like Jadzia..

She was made to look a little too much like Jadzia.
I agree. I could deal with everything right up until she was piloting the Defiant. I can't imagine she was the most qualified officer for the position. Regardless of Dax's history, Ezri did not have the experience to justify it. Lazy writing. They took the easy route by essentially replcing Terry Farrell's chacracter with a new actor, but cut her hair short therefore making her completely different.

A man would have been the better choice. I get all the reasons they didn't, but if DS9 were made today I bet they would. They could have solved the woman shortage problem by giving Keiko or Kassidy more prominent roles (which happened for Kasidy in the final arc anyway).
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