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Re: Your favorite Picard love interest?

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Forgive me if I'm equally impressed with Jonathan Frakes, however. As Riker, he certainly left his mark. But as a director and a driving force, behind the scenes, in STAR TREK ... I'm hard pressed to not be impressed with his contributions to this franchise. He's certainly made appearances in all the shows ... always in demand!
Absolutely! I love Frakes' portrayal of Will Riker as well. The WN story 'The Adventures of William Riker' was written for a request made to my co-author and I by WillsBabe. I don't remember the criteria we used, but for the story we needed to do a 'love interest' comparison count. Finding the number almost neck and neck, we had to giggle.

Frakes has also directed some of my favorite TV shows. In fact, he directed my absolute favorite episode of Castle, season's 5's 'The Final Frontier' where a murder happens at a sci-fi convention. Frakes does a cameo in the show that is an absolute hoot.

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