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Re: In a Mirror Darkly: A Critique?

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Berman, Braga and the rest of Paramount made some serious errors in implementing ENT, no doubt about it. They failed to recognize that, by going back to the "beginning", they were unraveling alot of assumptions regarding what the STAR TREK Universe was about; they were literally re-inventing the wheel, only they treated it like it was a prequel to TNG.
I couldn't agree more. When I learned that Series 5 was going to be a prequel, I thought it was a bad idea, mainly because (just like the Star Wars prequels) I had my own preconceived notion of what the time of the founding of the Federation would have been like, and there was no way that the present lot at UPN was ever going to deliver what I wanted. And I'd bet that a LOT of other fans felt the same way. Plus, as you say, the whole tone of the show made it look more like a TNG prequel (actually more like a continuation of VOY, only with a different ship and a different crew, and the time period was irrelevant). We got the Borg, the Ferengi, the Nausicaans, Risa, Holodecks, Klingons, Nemesis-looking Romulans and Remans, and a ship that looked like one of the First Contact background ships. Absolutely nothing that even remotely screamed "TOS prequel."
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