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Re: Interesting interview on the state of science

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As they say, you can go broke saving money.

And that's the problem. We don't spend enough money on science publically, so all these folks have to compete.

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Frankly, if you want to reduce corporate-minded motives in scientific research, you need more public funding of said research.

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Since it's public money provided through a bureaucracy...
Everything is a bureaucracy--and suffers from the Peter principle. Take a look at Dragon's Den/Shark Tank.

As Fallows said in his book "Free Flight" about the air taxi Very Light Jet debacle, entreprenuers and venture capitalists have a class grudge against each other.

One wants more money and a freer hand, the other will nickel and dime you to death, a 'la Bob Lutz's book "Car Guys vs Bean Counters"

You get dullards and road-blocks in both the public and private worlds.

There will never be a private NIF, Large Hadron, etc. And folks won't invest in green tech unless it is required.

You have to have strong public funding.

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Imagine if we used the same procedure for art, or writing new iPhone aps.
But that's the problem. You see, the reason the VLJ/Air Taxi model never really worked is that venture vultures would rather invest in something like an app--because there is no factory floor.

Musk really didn't invent anything. The ARPANET, AT&T's wiring, peoples computers--all this infrastructure was already bought and paid for before paypal came along.

Obama and Elizabeth Warren were right. He (Musk) really didn't build that.

What we have are profits without products--and that is why you have to go the public route, because the venture capitalists want to invest in something with the least up front costs and the most profit. Musk had no up front costs.

You don't make great strides doing that, except to come up with more crap like "Candy Crush" to waste peoples time. And people thought missile defense was a brain drain--quite the opposite, with Clementine.

So help me, I don't think Newton could have finished his principia had he had a mobile cell phone and e-mail to distract him. He'd be so busy in flame wars and end times stuff that he wouldn't have time to do anything. Wiles at least had the good sense to shut the world out so he could solve for Fermat.

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