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Re: Sexiest Episode ?

Actually, I didn't make it all the way through Menagerie Part I before finally giving up and going to sleep, as I'd been awake for 18 hours when I made the post. So I'll probably just go straight into "Timeless" later today. But first I want to check the used vid store to see if they still have TOS Season 3 remastered in dvd. Haven't gotten into an altered state of consciousness yet today though, but I don't go outside in that condition.

Edit One Hour Later: Well, got TOS Season 3, but it's original effects and not remastered like my other 2 seasons. But that's okay, because it's the first time I've had all the original episodes since someone stole parts of my vhs collection 20-odd years ago. I was interested in the remastered effects only as a novelty anyway.

Now I will go expand my consciousness and watch Janeway try to seduce Chakotay. Downside: Harry wallowing in self-pity because "I killed them!"

Edit an Hour After That: I've just watched the scene, and it's running in the background so that I can go back and watch what I'm missing. I am under the influence, and whether it's due to Kate Mulgrew or something else, you can draw your own conclusions.

The immediate thing that hit me near the end of the scene is the seduction interpretation can be possible solely through Kate's performance. Her body language through the whole scene is her showing the Woman instead of the Captain. It's in her posture, her hand movements, her eyes. Kate's always doing this in different ways with Janeway.

Beltran is playing it as straight as he can, all business, keeping the voice flat, as either focused on the immediate technical problems with the ship, trying to ignore her advances, or both. What some consider to be Beltran's wooden reactions works to an advantage here.

And even if they did decide to make the beast with two backs right then and there, Harry's expected to deliver a report in less than an hour.
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