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Re: Do all half-Vulcans go through pon farr?

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I'm sure with some Science Fictiony Jiggery Pokery a same sex couple could have a kid using genetic material from both people.
We're not far from that point today. There's already been a child born with genetic material from two women -- nuclear DNA from his mother and father and mitochondrial DNA from a second woman. Combining nuclear DNA from two women shouldn't be that much more difficult.
I don't know about that; the two problems are entirely different. It's like saying that it should be easy to combine Windows and Unix into a single operating system because you can run a Linux VM; the mitochondria are already separate from the nucleus, and swapping out that DNA is as biologically "simple" as in-vitro fertilization.

I'm not saying it won't happen, I'm sure that eventually we'll be able to. But I don't think that the progress in mitochondrial transplant really says anything at all about progress towards combining nuclear DNA from two women; I think they're largely unrelated problems from a biological perspective, and the techniques necessary to accomplish one don't really have any applicability towards the other.
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