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Re: UT-TFV: Quality of Mercy

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Planet’s Surface

As soon as Captain Awokou materialized he began choking. The air was coated with smoke. Fires blazed across the city and there were small ones still melting consoles within the large, circular office. He swallowed hard several times and got control of the hacking as he took in the trashed environs.

“Captain Awokou, apologies,” the humanoid man rushed to him, prompting a tensing from Lt. Narcissa. The young Orion reached for the phaser at her hip. Awokou motioned for her to stay her hand and maintain her position.

The humanoid reached out to Awokou and the captain mimicked him. He grabbed the captain by forearm and squeezed. Awokou returned the gesture. This man looked different than Lotura, possibly of a different species. He was reptilian, brownish-yellow and pebbled skinned, and with a crest of colorful feathers flowing from his head down his back. He wore black robes that simulated wings. His sharp, red eyes took in everything.

“I am Rector Chaun,” he announced, “Welcome to Eonessa Prime.” A member of Lotura’s race, another female, stood quietly behind the reptilian. The steel-gray haired, dark hued woman was regarding them just as expertly as the rector.

“Thank you,” Awokou nodded, “I wish it could be under better circumstances.”

“So do I,” Chaun agreed, “but the work your medical teams have done thus far, not to mention your other crewpersons has saved lives and for that I am grateful.”

“I regret that we couldn’t do more,” Awokou said sadly. He had yet to personally tour the devastation, but reports from Dr. Xylia and the other away teams were pretty heartbreaking and sobering. If Aldebaran hadn’t arrived when it did the city might have been completely razed.

“It is a blessing that you arrived at all,” Chaun nodded, “Our distress call was meant for our colonies. They are pretty far flung and have yet to arrive. If not for you, by the time they would get here there might be nothing left.”

“Thank you but I think you are overstating the case,” Awokou said, “The actions of Commander Lotura are to be commended.”

That prompted a small smile from the other woman. As if sensing that, Chaun turned to her. “May I present Vinaren, leader of the Vaphoran community on Eonessa Prime.”

“Greetings Captain, and other members of your crew,” Vinaren nodded at all of them.

“Forgive me for not acknowledging the rest of your esteemed crew,” Chaun interjected.

“It’s all right,” Awokou said.

“No, we owe much to all of you,” Chaun would not be mollified, “and it is the least I can do to recognize that truth.”

“Thank you again,” Awokou simply accepted the man’s effusiveness.

“Vaphorans?” Rozi stepped forward. “Are you not native to this world?”

“No, we aren’t,” Vinaren turned to the captain’s wife. “Our homeworld is far from here.”

“In the Delta Quadrant,” Rozi surmised.

“Yes,” Vinaren nodded. “How did you know?”

“Our original mission was to meet refugees streaming from the Delta Quadrant and help them acclimate to the Alpha Quadrant,” Captain Awokou said.

“Were you uprooted by the Borg?” Rozi asked. “We’ve heard reports that many civilizations were, were you among those?”

A pained expression fell across Vinaren’s face and after a moment, she slowly nodded, “Yes. Yes, we are refugees from the Borg.”

“But now they are welcome citizens of Eonessa Prime,” Chaun declared. “If not for the saviors, perhaps millions would’ve died from brain fever. Their medicines saved us, including my own hatchling. And now, we’ve been rescued again by visitors from the stars.”

Vinaren looked a little embarrassed. Awokou could relate.

“Were the attackers also from the Delta Quadrant?” Narcissa asked.

“I wouldn’t know,” Vinaren said.

“They were not a species that you came across in your travels to here?” Awokou asked.

“None that I would recall,” the Vaphoran replied.

“Then why would they attack this planet?” The captain pressed.

Vinaren looked askance. Chaun spoke up. “It could’ve been a new enemy one of our colonies dredged up. Space can be unforgiving, as you can imagine.”

“Yes, I suppose so,” Awokou said. There was very little he knew about the Vaphorans or the Eonessans for that matter. Perhaps they were an aggressive, expansionist power and this was a case of the chickens coming home to roost, pun not intended. It would bear further investigation.

“Do you think they will come back?” Narcissa asked.

“I hope, no, I pray to the Sky Walkers that they don’t,” Chaun said, looking heavenward.

“If they do, we will do what we can to engender a peaceful resolution to the conflict,” the captain promised.

“Thank the Walkers,” Chaun said, “if that is so, then we will have been saved thrice.”

“Perhaps,” Awokou replied, feeling less convinced.
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