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OldTrek is dead and gone.
I could not respectfully disagree more.
I'll make this quick so as to not stray to far off from the OP.

Conventions, now, command and get face-value $1000 tickets.
In fact, I'm led to understand that those are always the first group of tickets to sell-out cosistantly each & every year.
And not sold-out to ticket scal-- um .... ticket brokers, either,
but to fans who are gonna attend.
Would this be going on if, as you say, "oldTrek is dead and gone"?

"OldTrek", as you call it, is, if anything, stronger than ever.
And IMHO, I think a lot of this has to do with the fan backlash to this "nuTrek" garbage.
"Star Wars" fans have much to worry about ....

Or maybe you mean "oldTrek is dead and gone"
as far as a new TV show is concerned. lol

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