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Re: Your favorite Picard love interest?

Ones I forgot on Picard's list would be:

Guinan - as mentioned, they were beyond friendship and family and she likes bald men because one helped her once (him)
Lwuxana Troi - she has shown interest in him on mutiple occasions

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Be interesting to tally up Riker's love interests v Picard's, to see who had the more. Something tells me Riker's is all reputation!

Ones I remember are:
  1. Deanna Troi
  2. Soren - from "The Outcast", from the androgynous alien race
  3. Etana Jol - from "The Game", where he brings that hypnotizing game back to the enterprise
  4. Carmen Davila - engineer Riker worked with and was to have dinner before Crystalline Entity attacked and killed her and others in "Silicon Avatar"
  5. Beata - Rule of Angel in Angel One, planet where women are dominant, Riker sleeps with her
  6. Ro Laren - in Preemptive Strike, where they lose their memories, the two sleep together and live shorty as husband/wife
  7. Brenna Odell - Irish redhead in "Up the Long Ladder", she seduced him while he washed her feet in his room
  8. Lanel - a nurse in a hospital Riker wants to escape, offers help but he has to make love to her to obtain her cooperation in "First Contact"
  9. Rebecca Smith - tactical officer he dated and was intimate with in "Genesis", they landed on a cactus plant
  10. Yuta - chef to Sovereign Maruk, Riker fell for her but she turned out to be an assasin targeting the other side of the negotiation
  11. Manua Apgar - in a "Matter of Perspective", wife of Dr. Nel Apgar, their contested interest in each other landed Riker in trial and led her husband to try to kill Riker
  12. Lwuxana Troi - announces Riker will become her husband in "Manhunt"
  13. Amanda Rogers - from True Q, this human/Q has a crush on him she acts on
  14. Guinan - while trying to teach Wesley how to act with women in the Dauphin, Riker flirts with Guinan where she quickly shoves wesley to the side to get more
  15. Minuet - as mentioned in Picards list, charmed Riker when the Bynars were working on the Enterprise
  16. Kamala - gave Riker a kiss before he turned her down and her attention moved on
  17. Lal - Data's Daughter gave Riker a kiss too imitating a couple in ten forward
  18. Enterprise - I've alway had the impression he was more in love with the ship than Picard. Turn down 3 promotions to stay on her. In the future saved her from the scrap heap by making her his flag ship as admiral. Was more broken up in the movies when D crash landed than Picard about it. Picard said the Enterprise was a great ship but didn't compare to the Star Gazer in sentiment to Scotty.
  19. Kira Nerys - If you want to include Tom Riker's exploits, she became quite taken with him and while I doubt he slept with her, did seduce her into trusting him in DS9 "Defiant"

I don't remember all. I didn't pay attention in the TNG movies, someone might add some.
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