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Re: Things you thought were stupid on ds9.

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If they had done episodes after the war it would have made sense to see Bajor join the Federation, but it wouldn't have made sense to just tack it on at the end of the episode.
Sure it would have.
And even though Bajor had not joined the Federation they were clearly in harmony with the Federation and on course to join it very soon.
But it still remains an unfinished story, the original purpose for the Federation coming to Bajor and having Starfleet establish Deep Space Nine.
The only way it would have made sense for Bajor to join the Federation in that episode is if they had a "Six months later..." or something. It just wouldn't have made sense for Bajor to just say "Okay the war ended yesterday. Hey we all just voted and we're joining!" That would have seemed a little too much of a contrivance, IMO.
I have to disagree. It could have been easily mentioned in passing during the scene in Vic's (before he launched into his song). In the final scenes on the station, Kira would be walking around as an official Starfleet captain.

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By the time the finale rolled around, I think wrapping up the war and putting the final notes on the rich character arcs and relationships was more important than whether or not Bajor joined the Federation. And though many pieces were wrapped up to an extent, I was pleased with the unsettled tone of the finale and the final scene, which was a reflection of the series as a whole. And I think it was good to leave some threads open for future fiction.
Nah, I think it should have been wrapped up in the actual series than in some book somewhere. As such, why our heroes were there in the first place comes across as something that was forgotten or was dropped because they ran out of time due to too many things that weren't wrapped up prior to the finale.
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