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Re: Tips for writing a great Star Trek fanfiction story or series.

Don't do a Voyager.

Essentially, don't rely on overly-complicated technobabble (unless of course you're writing about an SCE team). Don't resort to fighting to get out of every situation, yes it's dramatic and exciting to write/read, but there are other ways to get that into your work. Keep track of the little things--torpedoes, shuttles, crewmembers.

Don't just have a character for the sake of having one, for example if you don't have an interesting person to be Ops Manager then don't have them as a main character but just someone recurring, that way you can give proper development to those who are more interesting/diverse to work on. Those characters that you do focus on, be sure to have them continue to grow and develop rather than stagnate--however, if they're not working for whatever reason, be willing to let them go (or even a well-liked character as well if the story calls for it).

Don't have the status quo resorted by the beginning of your next story, to all intents and purposes, these men, women and others are "real", they will change over time and experiences.
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