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the financial analyses of angry fanboys
If you really think "angry fanboys" account for a sixty million dollar drop in domestic revenue, I've got some stock in a wormhole I'd like to sell you. I'd wager even the "angriest" of the fanboys still hate-watched STID multiple times.

The funny thing is that that drop happened in the market with a dedicated, lucrative built-in fandom that has largely remained loyal (even if grumbling has become more visible). I doubt it reflects desertion by "angry fanboys" so much as it reflects the beginnings of a loss of interest in the general audience. So the question that comes to the fore is how you achieve "growth in foreign markets" with a formula that over the course of two films didn't deliver growth in the domestic markets where it already had built-in brand recognition and audiences; getting a big shot in the arm out of finally deciding to open in China, for instance, isn't something you can do twice, now it's a matter of retaining that audience and building it. So it'll be interesting to see how that plays out.
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