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Re: Season ONE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I'd assume he turned them down? I can't imagine them not at least approaching him about it.

I asked Robert Meyer Burnett, and he usually answers me, but not a word from him. Perhaps Torme was still unhappy after all these years.
That's my guess. It's been acknowledged that some of the staff was not interested in doing interviews because of bitter feelings they still carry over what happened behind the scenes, and Torme is just one of them. It's really too bad we couldn't get more of the staff from the earlier seasons, as they are an important part of TNG's beginnings. Fontana and Gerrold were game to get in interviews, but they're not as special because they have a history with Trek beyond TNG, whereas folks like Torme and Maurice Hurley were unique to that specific time in TNG.
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