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Re: Star Trek Futures

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It's Wednesday again! As you may have seen from the previous post we are working on our LCARS panel designs.Yesterday we sent off a pattern as a test to an acrylic etching house. Etching? Yes, etching. Each LCARS panel will be made up of three clear acrylic sheets, each with a portion of the whole image etched into it. When all three sheets are stacked together you see the entire image. Furthermore each sheet is independently lit by several LED RGB strips. Doing this means we can change the color of each sheet separately signaling an imcoming signal or RED ALERT! We are super excited about seeing several of these manned by some Starfleet personnel.

PS - There are some musician easter eggs in here. See if you can find them.

That's the same edge-lit plexi technique used on the side displays on the Klingon bridge in TMP. Nice.
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