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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

I do not trust a company that attempted to block used games. Thats all I buy. Since I will be getting this generations consoles when the next generations comes out because I am rather poor, I count on used games. FK MICRO$OFT and FK YOU ELECTRONIC ARTS!!! Not to mention the whole thing about the Kinect which is a hacker's dream spy device. Sony has the better deal at $399. Also Nintendo, WTF happened to them? They went too far with having gimmicks support them. I used to love Nintendo, but they arent going to survive staying a generation behind with little 3rd party support.

I am not a Sony fanboy, but I see things companies do I strongly disagree with. I for one hope Sony puts M$ gaming division out of business. I wouldnt mind having another player back in the console business. (Sega, SNK, etc.) Atari can stay out, because they want to take credit for developing every 3rd party title. (Got an old magazine with NBA JAM for Atari Jaquar being labled as developed by Atari and Published by Atari, when everyone knows its Aklaim's baby.)
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