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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

The Last Outpost is now Recruiting Starfleet Officers

Formed in 2010, The Last Outpost was formed to bring you a gaming community focused on having fun! As a member of our community, you'll get the chance to bring your own story to life, lead others, and create your own universe through Minecraft, Star Trek Online, and RPG-X.

RPG-X is your story, your ship, your characters, your plot, and your world of Star Trek, packaged into an easy to download program called RPG-X CE, an always free, legal, and easy to learn program that will allow you to bring your story to life. With RPG-X CE, you can connect to our servers, participate in our RPs, and, perhaps, lead one yourself.

In RPG-X, your crew is played by living, breathing people who you interact with in real time. No static conversations with NPCs, but dynamic characters played by your fellow TLO members that you'll never run out of things to talk about with.

And at The Last Outpost, there are always events going on in RPG-X. At any given time, we host several "Serial Role Plays" or "SRPs", roleplays that run the same time every week following a continuing storyline - think a Star Trek TV show on the computer that you can be a part of each week. We also host mini-SRPs, and a number of one-time events from special holiday RPs to specially themed events. All of our events are submitted by the membership, and anyone can submit an event!

Minecraft is a sandbox building game where you place box, fight even monsters, journey across strange and new lands, and build almost anything you can imagine!

On our server, you get the chance to explore a world created entirely by our members. You can build houses, castles, or even the Enterprise! The server we host also sports several mods that allow for even more opportunities for expanding your world beyond vanilla Minecraft, from more efficient item storage, to having machines build for you while you sit back and relax. There's always something to do on The Last Outpost's Minecraft server!

Star Trek Online, often abbreviated as STO, is Star Trek's own massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Cryptic Studios. Set in the 25th century, 2409, 30 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, Star Trek Online gives you the chance to play in an online universe via a free-to-play platform available from Perfect World Entertainment or Steam.

The Last Outpost plays STO in several ways. In addition to PvE and PvP events, we also hold Fleet Contribution Events, Happy Hours, STF Runs, and a variety of member suggested events. We are strictly no pressure, simply playing as a fleet that supports each other in ship builds, in-game progression, a Fleet Bank and Requisitions, tutorials, and much more. We also reward members for participating in our events, and for excelling in the fleet, with gift cards, memorabilia, in-game items, TLO forum recognition, and more!

Q: I've been in gaming clans before. What makes The Last Outpost different?

A: For one, The Last Outpost is not a gaming clan. Our ranks aren't an arbitrary system based on time spent in the group, so once you're in, your voice is as valuable to us as anyone else's. Secondly, we're not a competitive gaming clan, and have no problem with you being a member of any other clan, fleet, guild, etc. We are a community designed solely around fun, without the drama of other clans.

Q: What exactly is RPG-X CE? (and how do I get it?)

A: It is a free, legal, and extremely easy-to-learn program that will allow you to bring your story to life. Once a mod to the classic game Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force, it is now a standalone downloadable tool that allows you to connect to our servers, participate in RPs, and, perhaps, lead one yourself.

Q: What opportunities are there for new members to meet more experienced players and become a part of events?

A: There are plenty of events in RPG-X, Minecraft, and Star Trek: Online designed for all members of TLO to participate in.

RPG-X offers weekly Happy Hours, great opportunities for veterans to take the backseat while newer players try their hand at running the plot, and receive feedback from more experienced players.

Star Trek Online offers a number of events from Fleet Contribution Events to PvP and PvE events scheduled throughout the year, giving you the chance to progress in-game, and bond with your fellow TLO players.

Minecraft offers a number of events, some on a monthly basis, some throughout the year, ranging from competitive and deathmatch type events to cooperative builds and roleplays.

Q: What makes The Last Outpost's STO fleet different from other fleets?

A: Put simply: PWE (Perfect World Entertainment Cards) for event winners, TLO recognition and advancement, no pressure, and plenty of Romulan Ale!

Q: How does The Last Outpost handle STO fleet progression?

A: Individuals can advance through many means. Contributions, event participation, and activity on our forums all contribute to your advancement.

Q: Who picks the The Last Outpost leadership?

A: The Last Outpost is led by an elected President and cabinet, consisting of COs and XOs for a variety of divisions. Nobody in the leadership is appointed, and should you feel somebody is not doing an adequate job, cabinet officers can be recalled at any time. Moreover, anyone can run for virtually any position.

Joining is easy! Go to and click on Forums. Register to the forums, fill out and submit an application form, and then you will be welcomed as a full member of our community and granted access to our members-only areas on the forum. That's it!

It's that simple. Join today, for loads of Star Trek fun and friends!

Or you can simply contact me on Skype @ lucas.picard6 or by my e-mail!
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